Our Story: How We Started

In short, our story is simple: Friends and family came together to act on the needs we’ve seen in our community. 

For years, Tamiko, April, and Naomi have volunteered for causes we had a personal connection with, but we felt something was missing… We would discuss current events, personal dilemmas, and what pained our black community. The more we talked, the more we discussed solutions. 

It started with a Senior Technology class: Teaching our parents how to use their computers and phones. But repeatedly, we were asked to replicate the training with their friends and then their friends. When asked to lead the training at an Atlanta senior community center, we expected a total of 10. 75 signed up in the first hour. This overwhelming response showed us we had something to offer to our community. Facts to Thrive was born.

Each class we offer has been born out of our personal experience and specialties. For example, Linda taught CPR at work but asked the question, who was teaching daycare workers and teachers? Our CPR program focuses on providing support to the community members who are responsible for other people, especially children.

The Senior Technology class was one of the first at Facts to Thrive.